Here at The Original Metal Sign Company, we work with some of the best and brightest talent in the industry to bring you new and exciting designs.

    Our latest collaborations are detailed below.

    Nikky Corker

    ‘Painting has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember’. Nikky Corker trained at the Cheltenham College of Art. Her work reflects the fun she experienced on childhood holidays at the seaside and the sunny days spent on the coast with her own children. Nikky draws sketches wherever she goes, simplifying details and always noticing the quirky humour around. Her ethos is to paint what makes her smile and hopes that some of that joy is conveyed to those who take the time to study her work.

    Nikky Corker The Original Metal Company Designer

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    Martin Wiscombe

    Born and raised in Lyme Regis, Dorset , Martin studied illustration and design in the west country, then went on to spend more than 15 years working in London. After a successful career in advertising he left to pursue his passion of painting and illustrating in Wiltshire. He took inspiration from the farmland around and specialises in paintings and carvings of farm animals, having a book published in 2000 entitled 'The Old Pig", about the old English rare breeds. He lives and works in rural France with his wife, dogs and horses. His retro artwork conjures up a lost world of the 1950's, of cupcakes, beach huts and village fetes. Martin has a great love of typography, which is evident in most of his paintings.

    Martin Wiscombe The Original Metal Sign Company Designer



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